Hennessy National Ambassador

In his constant pursuit for the perfect cocktail, Jordan Bushell joined the Hennessy team in 2010 as the US Ambassador of Mixology and Brand Education. Travelling all around the globe to discover new flavors and techniques, he brings his knowledge, experience and passion when crafting cocktails for Hennessy Cognac. Since joining the Hennessy team, Bushell has been the man behind the design, development and creation of the diverse cocktails featured throughout the United States and around the world.

In his role, Bushell has traveled and mixed throughout the United States creating unique and prolific cocktails for celebrities, industry veterans and anyone that shares the passion for libations. Pairing Hennessy’s unique history and product with modern mixology, Bushell’s cocktails offer a diverse array of flavors for all palettes.

Through the National Trade Education program, Bushell is able to share his knowledge of Hennessy’s complexities with bartenders across the country. He prides himself on his ability to mix this classic spirit in modern and innovative ways. Having developed courses and programs across the country that inspire bartenders and aficionados, Bushell’s work has encouraged consumers throughout the United States to further their thirst of knowledge for this spirit.

Bushell holds certifications in wine education, a Pru D’homme beer specialization and countless spirit courses and seminars both at home and abroad. He also spent a decade honing his skills and gaining valuable experience at the forefront of the service industry, running distinguished cocktail programs to share the joy of the cocktail experience globally.

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